Destination Wedding at the Full Moon Resort, Big Indian NY – Ashley & Mi

This summer, I traveled to the Catskills for the wedding weekend of Ashley & Mi. The two of them worked so hard to DIY their way to a perfect, heartfelt and joyful weekend filled with an amazing amount of personal details. The Full Moon resort was the perfect spot to bring together friends & family from all over to celebrate and enjoy all of the fun activities planned by Ashley & Mi. There was a campfire singalong, marshmallow roasting, and an outdoor yoga class led by one of Ashley’s bridesmaids. I felt a little like I was at summer camp instead of working!

2015-08-20_0001 2015-08-20_0002Photo by Jennifer White Photography 2015-08-20_0004 2015-08-20_0005 2015-08-20_0006Photo by Jennifer White Photography http://jlwphoto.zenfolio.comPhoto by Jennifer White Photography http://jlwphoto.zenfolio.comPhoto by Jennifer White Photography 2015-08-20_0008 2015-08-20_0009 2015-08-20_0011 2015-08-20_0013 2015-08-20_0012 2015-08-20_0014 2015-08-20_0015 2015-08-20_0016 2015-08-20_0017 2015-08-20_0018 2015-08-20_0020 2015-08-20_0019 2015-08-20_0021 2015-08-20_0022 2015-08-20_0026Each of the wedding guests was given a ribbon, which they held while sending sweet thoughts to the couple. Everyone then tied their ribbon into one long strand, which the officiant used to do a handfasting. It was such a beautiful and thoughtful touch. 2015-08-20_0023 2015-08-20_0024 2015-08-20_0025Photo by Jennifer White Photography 2015-08-20_0027 2015-08-20_0028 2015-08-20_0030 2015-08-20_0029 2015-08-20_0031 2015-08-20_0036 2015-08-20_0038 2015-08-20_0039 2015-08-20_0040 2015-08-20_0041 2015-08-20_0042 2015-08-20_0044 2015-08-20_0045 2015-08-20_0046At the end of the reception, the guests made a sparkler line, and Ashley & Mi led the entire party over to the Full Moon Roadhouse for pie and Contra dancing!  2015-08-20_0047 2015-08-20_0048 2015-08-20_0049 2015-08-20_0050 2015-08-20_0053 2015-08-20_0054 2015-08-20_0055 2015-08-20_0057 2015-08-20_0056 2015-08-20_0058

Venue/catering: Full Moon Resort


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