Danversport Yacht Club Wedding – Allison & Joe

I have so much blogging to catch up on! Stay tuned for some awesome weddings and engagements.  Allison and Joe were married this past November in Wakefield and had their reception at the beautiful Danversport Yacht Club.  IMG_3081 IMG_3107 JWJ_0079Allison has the perfect Mona Lisa smile.  Untitled-1 EAF_0202 IMG_3204 JW1_5359 EAF_0281JW1_5396 IMG_3294 JWJ_0393The church where Ali and Joe were married has a Parish Dog named Caleb, who joins the couple at the end of their ceremony. Too cute!  JWJ_0423 JW1_5464 JW1_5474 JW1_5555 JW1_5572 JWJ_0476 JWJ_0528 JWJ_0602 JWJ_0605 JW1_5652 JWJ_0646 JWJ_0674 JWJ_0688 IMG_3770JWJ_0733 JW1_5755 JW1_5794 EAF_0485 JW1_5871 EAF_0703 JWJ_0751Congrats Allison & Joe!


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