5 things I’m obsessed with this week

Oh hey there. You’re probably wondering where I’ve been for so long. Its been a looong winter/early spring, and I’ve been very busy planning my wedding, making some changes to my website & blog, and editing weddings and engagement sessions, including a very cool (oh, puns) winter wedding in the mountains of New Hampshire, and another Fenway park engagement session. There’s lots to come in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, here’s a list of things that are keeping me awake and inspired this week.

The Muppet Show on DVD –  I’m a huge Muppet fan. I watched the show & movies as a kid and love everything Jim Henson ever did. True story: I cried within the first four minutes of the new movie, I was just that excited. Don’t judge. Jon gave me the box set for Christmas this year, and they’ve been getting a lot of use lately.  I used to watch nighttime TV before bed, but then figured out that more often than not, it was stressing me out rather than helping me decompress. (I’m looking at you, Private Practice. Please. Please. Puh-lease. Stop showing horrifying murder/death/cutting people open scenes at 10:58, then leaving me hanging for three weeks waiting to find out what happens. Its bad for my brain! Could you maybe go back to being a fun show about doctors who are all sleeping with each other? Kthanks.) I started watching the Muppet Show at night instead, and I’ve been much happier. Its the little things.

Joy the Baker – both her blog and her cookbook. Joy is awesome. I love everything about her blog – she’s funny & totally relatable, her recipes are amazing, and she has a giant orange cat that I’m totally jealous of. She’s the kind of gal I could definitely be besties with in real life. When I bought her cookbook a few weeks ago, I sat down to mark the recipes I wanted to try, got about a quarter of the way through, and realized that I’d marked pretty much every page. Her recipe for peanut butter cream cheese frosting inspired a major change to our wedding cupcake flavor lineup.

Jewelry from 31 Bits –  a very cool company that sells gorgeous 100% recycled paper jewelry to benefit displaced women in Northern Uganda. My only problem is deciding which piece to buy. Feel free to vote on your favorite in the comments.

Iced Coffee – Ah, iced coffee season. Some people drink iced coffee all year long, but it just feels wrong to me. Plus, what’s better than that very first sip of iced coffee after a long winter? How else will I know that spring is here? I get my fix from a local place called Mirasol’s in Dartmouth – (if you’re a Southeastern Massachusetts person and haven’t yet experienced their magical iced coffee concoction called a “Chippi” – get on that. Like, yesterday. And order yourself some huevos rancheros while you’re at it. You’ll thank me, I promise.)

Mercy Bell & her CD “All Good Cowboys” – Mercy and I were in a college voice class together many moons ago, and have remained friends since. She’s an amazingly talented folk singer/songwriter with a haunting voice and is just the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet. I’ve been listening to her CD on repeat all week while editing photos. She’s competing for a spot at Bonnaroo and is currently in the top five, so if you have a minute, you should go vote for her – and definitely listen to her music. Its gawjus.

So, what are you all obsessed with this week? Pinned anything good lately? Tell me about it. (Follow me on Pinterest  if you want to spy on what else I’ve been checking out this week.)


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